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Okcoin is the first and only licensed U.S. exchange to offer AVAX staking. Lock in as little as one AVAX token for 15 days, and you’ll get staking rewards paid back in AVAX daily.

We don’t charge fees for Earn, so the rewards are all yours.

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What is AVAX?

  1. AVAX is the native token of the Avalanche platform: a scalable, secure blockchain platform with three main uses.

    1) Scaling additional application-specific blockchains
    2) Building highly scalable, decentralized applications
    3) Creating custom, private or public blockchain networks with complex rulesets

    And, transactions on Avalanche can be confirmed in under one second, making it the fastest smart contracts platform yet.


Find more information about AVAX staking on our blog.

Why use Earn?

Learn why thousands of customers are putting their crypto to work with DeFi and staking offers on Earn.

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Easy deposits

Get staking and DeFi rewards in a click. Find current APY rates, deposit holdings, and track earnings in one place.

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Flexible terms

No need to feel stuck when staking. Most offers have flexible lock-in periods, so you can withdraw when you want to.

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No staking fees

We don’t charge fees for Earn, so you keep all of the earnings you see. No strings attached.

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